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Jennifer Jones

Artist Biography: 

Jennifer Jones


Jennifer Jones is a self-taught artist and only recently started creating her art on a daily basis. In less than a year’s time, her work has been featured in International, National, and Regional galleries. A few of her pieces will be on display this month at the Walt Disney Family Museum in San Francisco for their Earth Day exhibit.  

 Jennifer grew up in a small town along the NJ shore. As far back as she can remember she battled with attention issues, that later brought on anxiety and depression. 

Jennifer has found that creating art, to be very therapeutic . It calms her at the most stressful times and keeps her focused when she needs to be. 

Jen experiments and loves to use every medium. She uses watercolor, acrylics, stained glass, to resins. She also creates  sculptures made of recycled materials. 

Jennifer wants her work to help and inspire others with disabilities, depression,& anxiety disorders. She wants  to educate  them on how artwork can be used as a calming therapy during stressful times. In addition,  she wants everyone to see her art through her eyes. “I put myself and my passion inside  every single piece. My art shows where my own inner peace and tranquillity is. Whether it be on a mountain or watching a sunset over Barnegat Bay. I want everyone to find their own serenity when they look at it as well.”

You can see all of her various pieces on her website here as well as awards, galleries, and upcoming events

You can also find Jennifer Jones:

Instagram @jennijones1075 


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