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                                                                                                                                                                                                            October 13, 2020

Dear Artist,

One of the greatest joys of an artist, is being able to share your work with others. But you know how difficult it is to be accepted at most art galleries – and even if you are invited to apply, there’s usually a lengthy and involved review process.  The Gallery owner or manager wants to see your resume and a list of all the shows you’ve been in. Then there’s an examination of your portfolio and discussions about pricing and commissions.

All of that can be quite intimidating and discouraging - even to seasoned artists - but especially to new artists.

Inspire Art Gallery & Studio is completely different.  I invite both experienced and emerging artists to make an appointment to come in and show me their work. I am open to all art styles, and accept painting, drawing, mixed-media, photography and sculpture.  For a small monthly rental fee, you can submit one, two or three pieces of your work.

Many of you have told me that it has been life-changing to finally be able to see your work respected, appreciated and displayed at the gallery.  It has been extremely rewarding to me as well, and I truly value all the new friends I have made through the gallery.

But it’s time to start a Membership Program as an ongoing source of revenue to help pay for the basic expenses of keeping the gallery open for business.


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So, I’d like you to become a Founding Member of Inspire Art Gallery & Studio for $100 per year.  Your membership fee is a contribution and a show of your support for what we’re doing – not just for ourselves – but for the whole community. 

I am also going to put together an Advisory Board for Inspire Art Gallery.  People who love what we’re doing here at Inspire and have special skills to advise us on how to keep the gallery growing and prospering.

 I am hoping that $100 per year is not too much to ask for annual membership – it works out to only 27 cents a day! I think that being part of Inspire is worth at least that, and so much more! 
We are opening registration now! You will get Nov. and December for free and your Membership will be in force from November 1, 2020 through December 31, 2021.         I would like all of our current Inspire artists to become Founding Members - but you DO NOT have to become a Founding Member to stay active with Inspire.
Membership has its privileges ! Page 3 has the benefits of being a
Founding Member of Inspire.

 Thank you for making the first year at Inspire a wonderful experience for everyone involved.  I look forward to seeing all of your work during the coming year.

And please consider becoming a Founding Member as soon as you can.  Your support will help to build Inspire into an even better venue for all of us to show our work – and for the community to enjoy!!  THANK YOU!!

Hal VanDermark   Get Inspired….. Create Art !!!!!