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Hal VanDermark

Inspire and why it's here.

I would like to take the opportunity to introduce myself Hal VanDermark,and Inspire Art Gallery & Studio, which  I  opened in May 2018. I'm a Navy Vet who has always appreciated the Arts, when I was in High School they considered me "Gifted & Talented" and I enjoyed being an artist. Skipping classes to go the art room wasn't going to get me in college, at the time I was "Gifted" I would just get in. Not having the grades for college I joined the U.S. Navy, Traveled the World and the Seven Seas and proud of my time served.
Fast Forward some 40 years later my children are grown, I end up in hospital. Doctor say's you can't go back to work, what do I do ? Go back to work and end up in the hospital again, now you have my attention Doc. I started suffering from depression, not being able to work, get around as used to. It hit me hard and I started really digress and have serious issues, I was in a bad place and needed treatment.
I picked up the paint brush put it to the canvas and look what happened! SO being " Talented" is not as important as being "Gifted" and putting together Inspire Art Gallery & Studio is truly finding out what Gifted & Talented really means. Giving the opportunity to young aspiring artists and putting Inspiration out there for those yet to find their talents is the reason for Inspire Art Gallery & Studio. Much of my work is at the Gallery, not hanging but there. I want to give the Artist the feeling of pride and joy seeing there work hanging in a Gallery.  
As I said in the opening, I opened in May of 2018 since then I have gone from 8 artists' showing to over 30. Last year I turned 60, but meeting all these Artists' now I feel as if I'm 30. I would appreciate if you would be able to help promote this little" Gem" in the tiny town of Dunellen. If you would like to contact me for any other info you can call the Gallery at 732-762-7000 Thank you, Hal VanDermark Inspire Art Gallery & Studio Get Inspired...... Create Art !!

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