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JoAnn Tel

JoAnn Telemdschinow has always loved and been fascinated by visual art. She received an
M.A. in Art History from Rutgers University in 1998, but kept searching for a medium to
express her imaginative inclinations. In 2014, she discovered Photoshop Elements and
started to create digital collages. Since then, she’s been combining old writing, vintage
images and textures to create her unique pieces. Her collages are influenced by her love of
the art and architecture of the past, as well as travel, history and mythology. She seeks to
make them both visually appealing and expressive of a specific mood or atmosphere. JoAnn
has also started taking her own photographs, often of nature and travel scenes. She has
displayed her work in several New Jersey galleries and exhibitions, and has won awards in
juried shows. She has also sold a number of her pieces to private collectors.

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